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Silence Is Golden

I'm 21 and living in New England. My life consists of small retail jobs, writing, and blogging randomness.

Fandoms: Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Charmed, One Tree Hill, Prison Break

Main OTPs: Sterek, Destiel, Delena (there are more, but those three are at the top)

Derek Hale is my all time favorite character. If you have problem with that, then you probably shouldn't follow me.

Also obssessed with Bo Burnham and Kevin Hart (comedians)

I also blog about a lot of reality tv shows

This is an LGBTQ friendly blog


"What’s in the box?"



When May’s Mom said “500 miles”,who else thought of the song?

Aos giving me conflicting feels

I am messed up dude

Grant has betrayed everyone and destroyed everything I loved

And yet I still almost cried when he was about to be shot

And if he dies without a redemption story I will cry pitifully

Or do I want him to go full evil and commit mass murder??

Idk man idk


—   Every Agents of SHIELD viewer right now (via imapointlesspencil)

This sucks and I wanna cry

Omgomgomg get me out of here

Oh wow. My moms family is a bunch of assholes (i know - its not news) but sometimes they REALLY outdo themselves.

Can’t be a holiday without family drama

Quick - wheres the popcorn

Some songs just aren’t the same without the volume all the way up

When my parents tell me to look for what I lost and I tell them I still can’t find it






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