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Silence Is Golden

I'm 22 and living in New England. My life consists of small retail jobs, writing, and blogging randomness.

Fandoms: Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Charmed, One Tree Hill, Prison Break

Main OTPs: Sterek, Destiel, Delena (there are more, but those three are at the top)

Derek Hale is my all time favorite character. If you have problem with that, then you probably shouldn't follow me.

Also obssessed with Bo Burnham and Kevin Hart (comedians)

I also blog about a lot of reality tv shows

This is an LGBTQ friendly blog

"Next week is the Teen Wolf finale"

Shut up no its not


im kinda mad we didn’t get to see Lydia using her banshee abilitys to get Deaton out actually im really mad that would have been a perfect opportunity to see more of what she can do like Lydia bad ass martin come on


is it too much to ask for derek to be in an episode for more than five minutes?


Oh that’s where we’re ending today? Okay.

Hey so do we actually know how Kate fell in with the berserkers in the first place? Or how she knew what she was when she first transformed? Or how she knew to go to that church in Mexico? 

Or are we just supposed to like, not question that either? 

The desert wolf is actually going to be Kate and then she’ll have killed her own mother. And yes I see Peter being that much of a dick.


and yes it makes sense, because Jeff can never keep his shit linear and organized.


If that fan therory that the berserkers are boyd and erica is true i am going to die 

We don’t get to see Lydia pull Deaton out of his head?


Of course we don’t.

Sooo imma just live in the world of denial and say that Lydia’s banshee scream was for Braeden since she was also in the room and no one will convince me otherwise

Well as much as I enjoyed this episode (and I really did its one of my favorites of this season) it seriously left us all with a shit ton of questions

Kate fucking Argent